Hold your horses! The Aryan race existed 4000 years ago… and they where black?

Yes, what may be old news for those of you brushed up on your ancient history came as a bit of a surprise to me. As we all learned in school while we we’re picking our noses and pulling each others ties, the Aryan race was hailed by Adolf Hitler as the ‘master race’- a section of the gene pool who were German and had, among other traits, blonde hair and blue eyes.

However, what you may not know is that the Nazi’s stole the name from an ancient civilisation. Speakers of a language called Old Indo-Aryan settled in India around 2000 BC, coming from Afghanistan. They called themselves araya, meaning ‘noble’ or ‘honourable’.

Old Indo-Aryan is the mother of many modern day Indian languages; certain civilisations are also descended from the Aryan‘s- the word Iran is etymologically related.

“But how did Aryan get to equal blonde hair and blue eyes?” I hear you ask, while someone throws a pencil across the classroom. Well, a man called William Jones put forward a theory in 1786 that all Indic, Iranian and European languages had one common mother tongue, called Proto-Indo-European.

However, though the evidence seems to back him up, we’ve never discovered proof of this language. And this is where all the trouble seems to start. According to heritage-key.com, it took about 100 years for Western scholars to transform the Aryan race into a blonde-haired, blue-eyed ‘master race’.

Frederic Schlegel linked the word ‘arya’ to the German word ‘ehre’ (meaning honourable) in 1808, first establishing a direct link between the Germans and the Aryans. From then, Karl Penka developed a theory in 1886 that the Aryans we’re, in fact, descended from a race of Nordic people from Scandinavia. It was believed they cruised across Europe into Asia on fancy chariots, remaining racially ‘pure’ the entire time. More recently, heritage-key argues, the theory of a Nordic people moving to India without mixing with other races has been disproved.

Certain scholars in the late 19th and early 20th century argued that it was the job of this pale skinned race to rule over all others. Of course the tragic irony is that the Aryans really were black and under Hitler’s Germany any people of a non-Caucasian ethnicity were persecuted, and sometimes placed into a concentration camp, along with Jewish people and Gypsies.

This gives us a unique glimpse into the way history can, and still is, warped by present day ideologies to gain power and justify actions.

As for Hitler, I have no idea whether he knew the Aryan race were really black. Personally I hope it kept him awake at night.


Rachel Dwyer, What Do Hindus Believe? (Granta Books, London 2008)


16 thoughts on “Hold your horses! The Aryan race existed 4000 years ago… and they where black?

  1. vichy.swaz says:

    this is really interesting, hitler was a douche

  2. LadyTG says:

    They weren’t black dumbhead,they were just dark skinned…do you even know the difference between negroid and just dark skinned?

    • My deepest apologies LadyTG, perhaps you would like to define them both in detail for me? And then we could put everyone into neat little boxes. That would be nice wouldn’t it?

      • Tiglath Pileser III says:

        I’ll be happy to do it for you. “Black” is commonly understood to mean sub-Saharan African (or their mixed descendants). The ancient Aryans are believed (based on archaeology and archaeogenetics) to be descendants of the people who produced the Yamna culture (aka Proto-Indo-Europeans). Yamna is a modern invention; what these people called themselves is unknown. Their ancestral homeland corresponds to modern southern Russia proper. An examination of their genomes indicates they in turn were a mix of three ancestral populations (none of which were sub-Saharan, btw). There are no pure races, by the way. Anyway, craniometry and archaeogenetics gives us a good idea of what the Yamna looked liked. They were a tall people, with dark hair, dark eyes and a light olive complexion. They were also lactose intolerant. According to archaeogeneticists (and this is imporant to remember) – NO MODERN POPULATIONS possess the genetic admixture of the ancient Yamnaya! They are an extinct line. That fact (and it is a fact) smashes the blood myths of Nordicists, Afrocentrists and Hindu nationalists, who all try to claim the ancient PIE (and their Aryan descendants) as their own. Oh by the way, the fact so many Aryan types in Afghanistan and Pakistan show light hair, eyes and skin is due to sexual selection, as has been shown. Have a nice day!

      • Fair enough Tiglath, this all sound very interesting. I mean, as a white British person, it’s far beyond me to define what black means. And I must say, I think I probably responded too aggressively to that last comment at the time. I have heard people from middle eastern backgrounds call themselves black in conversation, I think that’s why I used that language. And I suppose here in Britain, in a country where people are mostly white, that kind of makes more sense. I agree that there are no pure races, I wasn’t trying to argue that when I wrote this. I would also like to point out that, when I wrote it, I was 21. It’s been nearly 10 years since then, and I’ve learned a lot of things in that time. I’ve often thought about taking this post down. But I feel that, as it is based on peer assessed research, it holds true, bar perhaps a bit of clumsy language.

    • Omar says:

      Black is black period. There are no distinctions. Dravidians are blacks.

    • The Black Panther says:

      Lol! Negro comes from Spanish meaning “black”. So it’s the same. BTW, the Germans called Dravidian people Negro too – because means Black!

  3. Nate says:

    The were not Dravidians either. The civilization of the Aryans, of the Rig Vedic period, stem from an Indo-European origin. I know you are trying to conjure up a narrative to your blog but this is just common lazy fluff you have here to work a wishful premise.

    Aryan was a type of person, a Noble One. We know they are Indo European due to the language, the Chariot ,and their centering on the symbol of the horse. Dravidian language was different and they did not have chariots.

    They probably came from the North as Norwegian DNA link with this area.

    The civilization of the Rig Vedic period was abandoned, but ideas of it did become the Zoroastrian Persia, and also moved south with the Dravidians as well. You have Indo European, Indo Iranian, and Dravidians stemming from activity here. To be an Aryan was a process, white and brown were part of this priesthood. But the civilization was of an Indo European language, and dealt with technologies known in the North.

    • Interesting stuff Nate. The bulk of my point was from a peer assessed book I checked out of Newcastle City Library, referenced at the bottom of the page. However, I’m no scholar on the subject and merely put my faith in the evidence in said book, checking the references as best I could. I think to refer to it as ‘lazy fluff’ is a bit rude. It wasn’t like I just used some internet meme I found on Facebook.

    • The Black Panther says:

      “Indo” itself tells of the origins of the people, they came from India. Stop with your white-lies. If you look closely and study Dravidian albinos, you’ll see where the so-called “white race” originated from.

      • Aryans were not ”black”, I can not believe where you get that claim.

        The Black Panther, stop bothering with your infantile etymological distortions, the Aryan or Indo-European were a group of tribes that inhabited the northern region between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, therefore the Aryans have nothing to do with Hindus, racially speaking. That’s actual science.

      • What does “black” mean to you?

  4. […] the Aryans were definitely ‘black’. This claim has been made before by Taj-Akoben & The Neo-Victorian Gentleman, but what really makes it hit home is Herodotus, who described north Indians (often taken today as […]

  5. Some comments say that there are no pure races … … they don’t even know what’s a race how could they know what’s pure and what’s not … lmao!

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